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   This Little Guy is Winston. Aside from being one of the cutest gentleman dogs of all time, he's a bit of a trouble maker. If it weren't for Doctor Ned and the Three Oaks Staff saving Winston when he ate a pound of chocolate (twice) and helping when he had an obstruction from eating stuff that he shouldn't have, this little man might not be with us.

    Winston and I Thank you all so much, and we will definitely be back.

Sassy F. After Agility Weekend
Dr. Ned and Staff,
       Two years ago Sassy was at Animal Services and no one would adopt her because she tested high positive for heartworms. When she ran out of time there, the Humane Society took her in, knowing she needed costly treatment.
       No one adopted her at the Humane Shelter either because of the heartworms. After several months, her treatments were to begin. Our Family decided to Foster in our home and got permission for you to do the Treatments.
       It took two rounds of heartworm treatments and a long waiting period afterwards, but today for the first time she tested "NEGATIVE"!! I didn't realize until I put her in the car and the tears came.
      She has come through a lot, thanks to you. This is a recent picture of her after a weekend agility trial. She just loves to RUN!
     Thank you so very much!!
     Jen F.
     P.S. We failed the Foster program and adopted Sassy shortly after bringing her home